Virginia Lakes Pack Outfit

Yosemite Backcountry Pack Trips and Gourmet Camping

Come see the unseen Yosemite!

Here's a Yosemite backcountry campsite featuring one of the McCabe Lakes

For an unforgettable experience in some of the most beautiful natural settings in the world, come take a pack trip with the Virginia Lakes Pack Outfit (VLPO). Whether you are looking for a custom all-expense pack trip letting us tend to all your cooking, camping, guiding, and outfitting needs, a guided fly fishing trip to catch those big, girthy rainbows, or you just want to be packed in and dropped off into a remote backcountry spot with all your supplies and have us come back for you later, make the pack station with the most experience in providing for luxuries in the backcountry your summer vacation choice.

Your pack trip starts here at the entrance to the Virginia Lakes Pack Outfit. Take a Yosemite backcountry vacation or horseback trail ride through the spectacular High Sierra mountains.

VLPO Pack Trips and Horseback Riding:
All-expense Gourmet Camping: Indulge in the finer side of camping. Customize a vacation to any of the backcountry areas we service and let us take care of the work, while you enjoy all that the High Sierras have to offer.
Scheduled Group Trips: We offer Yosemite Base Camp and Hoover Wilderness Trips bundled up and ready to go.
Spot Trip: Choose from one of three options and have your gear packed into anywhere in Yosemite or the Hoover Wilderness our mules can manage to go. Ride or walk, one way drop or have us take you in and come back to bring you out, it's all up to you. On these trips we can match your desires and your budget.
Continuous Hire of Stock: Hire packers, mules, and horses (or even a fly fishing guide) to travel the High Sierras. We will move you and your supplies through the beautiful Yosemite wilderness and beyond. The trip length and itinerary are completely up to you.
Day Rides on Horseback: Come visit the pack station and take a 2, 4, or 8 hour horseback ride. See the sights and take photographs, have a picnic, or go for a day of fishing.

The VLPO Differences:
Easiest access to the rarely traveled beautiful northeast Yosemite wilderness.
Gourmet full-service camping.
Solitude unmatched anywhere else in the High Sierras. Northern Yosemite sees only 10% of the Park's backcountry traffic!