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Continuous Hire of Stock

Travel The Sierras With Pack Stock

On these trips, you hire us to pack you and your supplies around the High Sierras with packers, mules, horses and even a fly fishing guide. We will take you wherever you want to go and stay with you throughout the duration of the trip, moving you and your supplies through the beautiful Yosemite wilderness and beyond. We move your camp to each of the places you want to stay and on layover days we are available to take you on day rides. You provide all the camp gear and food and do all your own chores. Prices are based on the number of packers, horses, and mules you need. Call us at 760-872-8331 or email to reserve your trip!


Price per day. Please note, additional fees up to 11% will be added to the payment due.

woman smiling next to horse