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Scheduled Pack Trips

Scheduled Trips

We offer all-inclusive Yosemite and Hoover Wilderness Trips. Riding and hiking trips are scheduled for the Golden Trout Wilderness in June, while Mustang Rides leave from the Pizona area in May. Trips from Virginia Lakes Pack Outfit begin in July.

  • Gilman Lake, East Lake in the Hoover Wilderness, and Summit Lake: First-time wilderness riders and families with children enjoy the ride on a scenic, yet gentle trail into Hoover Lakes Basin, where there are ten lakes ranging from alpine to the larger lower lakes
  • Yosemite –Virginia Canyon and Fishhook Lake: Cross the Summit into Return Creek to a central camp within easy reach of numerous lakes and streams. Recommended for stays of five or more days.

Please take a look at trip options listed on the Rock Creek Pack Station website for information on our scheduled trips, pricing, and more. Please fill out our reservation form to reserve your trip today.