Dunnage (Cache) Drops & Spot Trips

Spot Trips

Choose from one of three options and have your gear packed into anywhere in Yosemite or the Hoover Wilderness our mules can manage to go. Ride or walk, one-way drop or have us take you in and come back to bring you out, it’s all up to you. On these trips, we can match your desires and your budget. Please take a look at trip options listed on the Rock Creek Pack Station website for information on our scheduled trips, pricing, and more. Please fill out our reservation form to reserve your trip today.

Round Trip Spot on Horseback

Our skilled packers take you on a horseback adventure to a beautiful backcountry campsite, drop you off with your gear, then return on a predetermined date to pick you up and pack you out. You take care of the food and camp chores, but be the envy of the backcountry with any luxury you can think to bring. The length of the trip doesn’t affect the price! We’re like an airline – getting you there and back – except we’re on time!

One Way Spot on Horseback

Let us take you and your gear to your favorite place in Yosemite or the Hoover Wilderness. Don’t sacrifice, take all those fresh foods and gourmet items that would normally weigh down your backpack… take anything you desire! Sit back and relax on one of our Cadillac-like horses and delight in the scenery without being too tired to enjoy it. Let our mules do the work going in – all you have to do is hike out with those near-empty packs at the end of your stay.

Dunnage (Hiking Spot Trip)

The only difference on these trips is your gear travels on the mules while you hike. Round trip or one way, it’s up to you.


Prices for spot trips are based on daily stock rental charges. We will take you to any area our pack station services. Keep in mind that some spots may require more than one day’s travel time. Please note, additional fees up to 11% will be added to the payment due.

Rates for use of stock to or from destination (one-way charge)

Area Handling Fee Each horse or mule
Little Lakes Valley $310 $175
Hilton Lakes & Tamarack Lakes Area $325 $185
Gold Creek & Fourth Recess Lake $380 $260
Confluence of 4th Recess Creek & Gold Creek to Third Recess, Pioneer Basin Lake #1 $430 $315
Hopkins Basin & Mono Creek to Second Recess $525 $350
Anvil Camp (Shepherd Pass trail)* $950 $405
Top of Taboose & Sawmill Pass * $1390 $735
Woods Basin, Bench Lake* $1835 $945

*  Operated by Rock Creek Pack Station as Mt. Whitney Pack Train. Handling fee includes trucking of livestock to trailhead and packer’s fee.

Please note: There is a $500 minimum on all spot trips. For all trips originating at Twin Lakes, there is a trucking fee of $250 to $500 per trip, plus a $10 per head livestock fee. For all trips originating at Green Creek, there is a trucking fee of $250.